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Pa-O History


The Pa-O people decended from the Tibet region of China. They came along the Makaung, Sawlawan and Irrawaddy rivers and reached to Tahton in the 9th century. They founded Tahton state (in the area of today’s Mon state) and were reigned by 158 successive Pa-O kings. Thuriya Sanda was one of the strongest and most powerful kings and was famous in the Pa-O kingdom of Tahton. He invited consultants from abroad to develop the country. And he had led his people to study the Buddhist manuscripts to spread Buddhism. He also built “Shwesayun” pagoda in Tohton state. Suriya Sanda king was born on the full moon day of Thabaung (March). Based on his day of birth the Pa-O people celebrate the Pa-O national day on this day every year.

Today the Pa-O region is home not only to Pa-O ethnic minority but also to Shan, Intha, Taungyoe and Lisu. 

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