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Culture & Literature

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The Pa-O have their own literature and language dating back to the 9th century. It is taught in the monasteries and in government schools. The Pa-O alphabet is similar to Burmese but with different pronunciation.

Costumes - The Pa-O men are wearing black costumes. On top they wear a black jacket, and on the lower parts they wear black or dark blue trousers. A colorful turban is worn on the head.

As for Pa-O women, a black or dark blue jacket and gown are worn on the upper part. On the lower parts of the body they wear a Longgyi. The calf is wrapped by the piece of black cloth. A colorful turban is also wrapped on their heads in different styles. Gold or silver balls with pins and other jewelry are also decorated into their bundled hair. The traditional dresses are worn for any event in the same style. For example wedding ceremonies, special occasions, funerals, and seasonal festivals.

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