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background02Community Involved Tourism Pa-O Region (CITPAR) is a social business organization founded in 2014 by the Golden Island Cottages (GIC) Group, owned by the Pa-O National Organization (PNO) to implement Community Based Tourism (CBT) projects in the Pa-O region in Southern Shan state, Myanmar. As a social business organization, CITPAR aims to partner with local communities. CITPAR’s projects strive to be community driven and take into account the needs, concerns, and interests of local people. CITPAR focuses on the people who live in the Pa-O region and strives to benefit them by providing job opportunities and creating sustainable income for the communities. CITPAR has started its first CBT/CIT project, CIT Trekking Tour Program (CITOP), involving four villages from the Pa-O region in January, 2016. CITPAR has a long-term commitment and continues to provide training and support to the villagers to improve their livelihoods.


background01Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ), the German development agency, supported the CITPAR via the Parami Development Network (PDN), a local NGO, to provide trainings to the villages and develop business models for the village committees and the CITPAR. With the support from GIZ, PDN and staff from CITPAR could visit the Community Based Tourism Institute in Chiang Mai (Thailand) to learn from their experience. The knowledge gained enabled PDN to provide useful trainings to the villages participating in CITPAR.

Since the beginning of running the CIT projects, the Myanmar Ministry of Hotel and Tourism has been providing technical assistance to CITPAR.



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