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Day Return Trekking Programs

Trekking starting point at the eastern shore of Inle lake ThaLeOo
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2 Days/1 Night Trekking Programs

1. Starting point is at MineTauk bridge at about 8:30 AM,
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3 Days/2 Nights Trekking Programs

Day -1. Starting point is at MaGyiKone boat jetty.
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4 Days/3 Nights Trekking Programs

1. Start at MaGyiKone boat jetty, along the way to
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5 Days/4 Nights Trekking Programs

Day 1. Starting point is at MineTauk bridge at about 8:30 AM.
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Pa-O History

The Pa-O people decended from the Tibet region of China. They came along the Makaung, Sawlawan and Irrawaddy rivers and reached to Tahton in the 9th century.

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Culture & Literature

The Pa-O have their own literature and language dating back to the 9th century. It is taught in the monasteries and in government schools.

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The livelihood of the Pa-O people is based on agriculture. They grow tea leave, coffee, cheroot, mountain rice, paddy rice, wheat, potato, etc.

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Local Festivals

Every festival in the region is related to religion. The most famous festivals are usually celebrated in summer after people are free from their occupations in agriculture.

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